January 19th

Wherever You Go, There Your Choice Is

“A podium and a prison is each a place, one high and the other low, but in either place your freedom of choice can be maintained if you so wish.” – Epictetus, Discources, 2.6.25

Whether it’s after the big win, or the crushing loss, you are likely in the same situation the next day. A reminder that the outside world does not control the world inside your mind.

You can only definitively control one of these two.

Have the clarity to know which.

Another regen day today on a rainy (?!) Phoenix day.

  • Wim Hof’s techniques are, AFAIK, based on breath control. Could a stoic mindset be key to manipulating your physiology? I definitely can tell that I’m getting more comfortable in the cold.
  • Patois of the day : Bambaclat *chip* – blame HK for teaching me this. SCP does not approve
  • Tempo runs on the curve are first and foremost regulated by asking the athlete to find “rhythm”. I even think Stu would say “irregardless of direction”.
  • Speaking to Melaine about this, and how she maintained composure when her rival started the first half ahead of her, she talked about walking into that race with amazing confidence. She knew the American would go hard, and she knew her race plan was going to work. Most interestingly, she says she now knows that if (and hopefully, when) she comes back to start line and feels the same way, something special is going to happen.
  • Stu made the same comment later, talking about athlete strengths and how that plays into race modeling, the related psychology. Donovan and Usain knew they’re not the best starters, but also knew that nobody could defeat them on the back half. Dre is the same, but the pressure of Rio got to his head. Stu says that when he saw Andre 3rd at the 40m, he knew that he had been impatient in his acceleration and went too hard, and this was going to affect the rest of his race.
  • Other comment about Andre : he almost never races hard. Apparently, during his final NCAA year, he only truly raced hard at NCAA finals. That means he’s both insanely talented to only need effort at the very end, and adds weight to the idea that he’s an incredibly chill guy. This gave alot of flexibility to Stu to practice different phases of his race strategy without being concerned of the final result.
  • Mikel Thomas is not only an incredibly positive member of Altis, but must also be one of the most explosive humans I’ve ever seen. How can you not love somebody who can post an excellent time while still pounding every single hurdle like a human wrecking ball?
  • A hypothesis Stu has, inspired by Jeremy Wotherspoon’s development : learn your sport’s technique as deeply as you can before you add directed physical development. That way, when you do add the more forceful and resilient muscles, you can apply it to your excellent technique. The reverse, by having too many physical options caused by strength training, might make it easier to get away with bad technique. This could slow down your attainment of excellence.
  • All interns gave a general overview of their personal philosophies. The subject of good communication came up often, which is why I’m so interested in reading this.

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