February 10th

Anger is Bad Fuel

Many successful people will try to tell you that anger is a powerful fuel in their lives. (…)
But that’s shortsighted. Such stories ignore the pollution produced as a side effect and the wear and tear it put on the engine. It ignores what happens when that initial anger runs out – and how now more and more must be generated to keep the machine going (until, eventually, the only source left is anger at oneself). “Hate is to great a burden to bear,” Martin Luther King Jr. warned his fellow civil rights leaders in 1967, even though they had every reason to respond to hate with hate.
The same is true for anger – in fact, it’s true for most extreme emotions. They are toxic fuel. There’s plenty of it out in the world, no question, but never worth the costs that come along with it. – The Daily Stoic

A wonderful analogy. The same way that you want to fuel an F1 body with F1-grade food, we should strive to do the same with our minds.

Think of that as you compete. What is fueling your competitive spirit? I’m currently dealing with the consequences of fueling a team with standard unleaded fuel. It worked for a season, but I’m stuck now scrambling to refuel. It’s harder to find, it takes more time to fill the tank, but using the best fuel grade possible will keep that competitive spirit running far smoother, far longer.


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