Think Before You Act

February 14th

Why did I do that? you’ve probably asked yourself. We all have. How could I have been so stupid? What was I thinking?
You weren’t. That’s the problem. Within that head of yours is all the reason and intelligence you need. It’s making sure that it’s deferred to and utilized that’s the tough part. It’s making sure that your mind is in charge, not your emotions, not your immediate physical sensations, not your surging hormones.
Fix your attention on your intelligence. Let it do its thing. – The Daily Stoic

Hmm. This one surprised me at first. I can certainly agree with the general message : if you stay calm and rational, you won’t make bad choices. Problem is that we always do, even when we were in the best state of mind. How do I then explain the idea that I have “all the reason and intelligence you need”?

I imagine that the proper way of seeing it would be to say : if I come to regret a choice that was made after proper thought, it’s likely because of a new piece of information I didn’t have at the time. I shouldn’t regret this, though, because it can be considered outside of my control. Nobody can be expected to know all relevant information at all times.

Think before you act, whether its about trying a new training supplement, how to react after a big win or loss, or in the middle of a big race. I can see this applying very much to both athlete AND coach.

Took a bunch of block start videos to look at in slow-mo. I’ll review them with Chidi to get some feedback on my abilities. Excited to do this!

Now on day 7 of using Headspace. Unsure of how much of an effect it has, but that might also be because I consider myself to have a generally calm demeanor. I can’t recall many times feeling like my mind was overwhelmed. That said, I do find that at very least, the simple ritual of taking the time – just 10 minutes – to focus on myself does generally leave me feeling better. Can’t complain with that!


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