Cultivating Indifference Where Others Grow Passion

“Of all the things that are, some are good, others bad, and yet others indifferent. The good are virtues and all that share in them; the bad are the vices and all that indulge them; the indifferent lie in between virtue and vice and include wealth, health, life, death, pleasure, and pain.” – Epictetus, Discourses, 2.19.12b-13

The book goes on to describe how Seneca had a life of many privileges. “He enjoyed them while they were there, but he accepted that they might someday disappear.” I feel this hits the balance I’ve been speaking about previously. Indifference doesn’t mean coldness. “It’s not about avoidance or shunning, but rather not giving any possible outcome more power or preference than is appropriate.”

Maybe a more stoic way of saying this?

Do your best (virtue), do it with honesty (avoid vice), and let everything else fall wherever it wants (indifference)? Again, I find that often, focusing less on the end goal tends to get you there…maybe not faster, but certainly in a healthier and more sustainable way.

Jas got to fangirl with some SEALs. He talked about how in these teams, who deal with “hardcore shit”, it’s never about being the tough guy who can get shit done without help. They never last. You have to develop the connections, and become a collection that is more than the sum of its parts. The key to that is empowerment.

Thinking of how we have specific warm-ups depending on the quality that is being worked on. Always trying to include elements of the primary skill to be developed in the warm-up, to provide more context for the session at hand, and more reps to learn from. I know that back home, our warm-ups tend to be quite generic. It just takes more thought, but it’s definitely something I can improve on.

What’s the physiological quality I’m trying to develop? What’s the skill element I’m trying to emphasize? This should be the start to developing the warm-up.

Oh, and running starts. Gotta use more running starts.


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