When You Lose Control

February 28th

Remember that the tools and aims of our training are unaffected by the turbulence of the moment. Stop. Regain your composure. It’s waiting for you. – The Daily Stoic

The teachings did not fail, we failed the teachings.

You didn’t lose the race because the training was off. You don’t have to throw everything out the window and try a completely new program.

You simply didn’t execute on race day. The fitness was developed, and is still there for you. Keep up the work, and get your head right next time.

…that is, unless you ascribe to direct interpretations of holy texts, and used badly done Crossfit as a training program. In that case, time for an overhaul. Trust me.

Hail. In PHX. Wtf. (Still, I shouldn’t complain. Montreal is experiencing an usual winter heat wave, and there are few things I despise more than slush.)

Starting to learn brachial plexus, making my way through Crucial Accountability, knocking off a few videos of Complexity Explorer at a time. I don’t think I’ve added this much new knowledge in such a short span of time since undergrad and my peak of fitness blog reading. I like to believe the quality of the material I’m absorbing these days is of a higher level.


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