Cutting Back on the Costly

March 5th

“So, concerning the things we pursue, and for which we vigorously exert ourselves, we owe this consideration – either there is nothing useful in them, or most aren’t useful. Some of them are superfluous, while others aren’t worth that much. But we don’t discern this and see them as free, when they cost us dearly.” – Seneca, Moral Letters, 42.6

Recognize that EVERYTHING has a cost. Once you become conscious of this, it becomes easier (though certainly not easy, yet) to decide where the fluff is, and remove it.

Obvious parallels in training : removing the distractions around training. An angle that is tougher to consider for an athlete is cutting out some training. There is a cost to everything. Not all training will have a net positive impact.

I am a tad burned out from listening to two lectures by Dave Snowden. Many thought provoking moments, and I’ll get to recording my notes here soon.

I highly suggest watching the videos. He’s a good presenter, and challenges many ingrained ideas.


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